How soil affects you personally?

Soil has many elements in it that we are not aware about.

If you read my article Mother earth you will know how much soil is important for us, and how much we need it.

But not just for external things soil affects each of us, as beings.

There are many theories of science that proves that human beings are elements gathered from universe and are collection of mainly 5 elements.

Earth(soil), Wind, Water, Sky and Fire.

In our traditional literature we have heard the name of “Panch mahabhoot”.

Soil forms us.

According to Miller and Urey’s experiment life on earth began with 3 elements. I will put it in simple words, soil, heat and lightning.

And there are several traditional literature in different religion pointing the same thing.

This shows how much close we are to the thing we consider as “dirt”.

Soil improves life.

Scientifically proven experiments shows how this is true.

In 2004, Mary O’Brien, an oncologist (the person that diagnoses and treats tumors), injected lung cancer patients with a common, harmless soil bacteria, to see if it could prolong their life.

It had some success in earlier trials where it was tested for its abilities to and boost immune system response.

O’Brien thought maybe the bacteria could help her patients’ immune systems beat back the cancer in their lungs. Unfortunately It failed.

Although, it succeeded elsewhere: the bacteria injection “significantly improved patient quality of life,”

O’Brien wrote in the paper detailing the findings. Her patients were happier, expressed more vitality, and better cognitive functioning—in short,

it reduced the emotional toll of advanced cancer.

A few years later, Christopher Lowry, a neuroscientist, injected the same bacteria into mice and they were put through various stress tests.

The mouse with the bacteria showed far less stressed behavior compared to untreated mouses—in fact, they acted as if they were on antidepressants.

Amazing isn’t it?

That you have antidepressants under your feet.


There are surely a lot of different effects of that we are not aware of. Because there are trillions of micro lives that live and thrive in soil and they all affect us is one or the other way.

Traditionally there are many rituals and festivals that promotes us to be involved with soil.

Do you know any of those? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Soil is basic requirement for cultivation and corp productions. It is as critical as water and air. Without fertile land , human and animals living on earth will face actute shortage of food for survival.
    Save land save soil
    Save earth save life

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