How to make soil better?

We, humans, have a tendency that we want to know about everything, and study everything. That doesn’t leave soil alone. Time to time there are studies and research conducted to know more and more about soil.

I came across an amazing video about soil. Must watch it.

It says how we can solve so many problems just by doing what we are supposed to do.

I will be giving some basic tips which you can do to nurture mother earth, and it is very basic, maybe you would be knowing about it already.

Because my friend, just knowing is not enough. You have to implement it. Believe it or not, mother earth is dying, and if we don’t do anything about it; she will take us with her.

Ask this question to yourself,

What do i do that benefits soil?

Do I do it regularly?

Do I share this and make people around me to do the same?

Feeling good after answering this questions? I hope you do, because one person can only make difference when that person inspires and motivates others to do the same.

Teach your children, friends, loved ones how important it is to take care of her and heal her. Because it is still in our hands. For the betterment of the planet and betterment of humans.

It is each and every humans responsibility to contribute into it.

Where we messed up?

First of all, we messed up bad!

We messed up when we thought that we rule this planet.

We might be one of the intelligent species but we are part of the cycle. And because it is a cycle there is no one on top and no one in the bottom.

We take everything for granted. Did you know that in Saturn and Jupiter it rains diamonds. But that is not where life can survive. It is water which can make our beautiful planet.

Still diamonds are more costly than water. Think about it.

We give more value to something that is rare, but not important. And something that is in abundance and essential is polluted, abused and wasted.

Same goes for soil.

What do we do now?


Focus in the thickness of arrows, How CO2 is released in much greater quantity.

Duh, But how plantation can improve soil health?

In my previous blog in this category I have said that soil can capture carbon which is a great cleanser. Because carbon can absorb all the toxins and can make that matter clean.

We all have seen charcoal masks! haven’t we.

So, plants and trees they absorb carbon dioxide from air and that goes into the soil.

Which makes soil rich in carbon. So any soil that has rich carbon can directly affect health of plants ultimately giving us a healthier lifestyle.

Using natural fertilizer

Natural fertilizer is VERY important!

There are so many problems that can be solved by this simple heading.

Natural fertilizer is everything that is natural and has nutrients. Fortunately almost everything in environment has some sort of food for some sort of life.

We can not eat everything, obviously! But there are trillions of other lives around us that CAN.

Let me tell you what we consider waste and it is actually very useful.

  • Vegetable peels
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Fruit peels
  • Fruit seeds
  • Grass that grows without any effort
  • Tree leaves
  • Eggshells
  • Water that we use to wash our vegetables and other things
  • Nails
  • Hair

These things can be actually used as natural fertilizer by us everyday. Imagine how much nutrients you can give your plants from your dustbin!

The poop needs to stay in the loop.

That is pretty self explanatory.

I hope you will use all these things in making your soil rich. And that can also reduce the garbage mountains that we must have seen at some point of our life.

These are the basic steps we can take in our life. Starting from today!

Contribute to health of our mother earth.

If you have any other ways / ideas which can be used do share in the comment below, and let me know your thought on this article.

4 thoughts on “How to make soil better?”

  1. Pollution of air and water is causing severe damage to ecology including earth. Man made disasters are running the nature.
    We all have come together and work towards protection of earth, soil, air and water. I wish and hope generation next will lead from front on this most important task without any more delay. Good luck.

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