Things about marketing you need to know right now.

Are you a passionate entrepreneur or a fantastic freelancer and still not getting the success you deserve? Do you think that your career needs a boost? I am here going to tell you how you can do that.

I am not going to give you free pizza, but i am going to tell you how you can earn for one.

My personal opinion to a successful business is it’s 4 pillars.

  1. Passion
  2. Working hard.
  3. quality product.
  4. marketing.

I am going to talk about marketing here.

Basics of marketing.

For any business to work there are four p’s and four c’s.

First of all, to be brutally honest, marketing will only work if the quality of product is good.

A quality product will sell itself.

Deepak kanakaraju

people often misunderstand marketing with sugar talks. But, marketing is science. It is about understanding the customers and their needs. which leads to creating a quality product that can fit right into the missing piece of your customer’s life.

For instance, you are walking to a place, and it rains. You cannot go as all your clothes will be dirty and wet. If an umbrella vendor is there, you will buy an umbrella without a second thought.

That vendor could sell his product because he was present with the right person at the right time.

Imagine another scenario, I am sure you must have experienced this in your life at least once. If you are thinking about how can you make your cardio session more comfortable and you see an advertisement saying “Want to make your cardio better?”

You will click on it. That is sending right message to the right person.

Sending right message to the right person on right time, is called effective marketing.

That is how you can do natural sales. Natural sales is that you don’t have to force customer to by product, the product will sell itself.

Marketing then and now.

Can you assume when did marketing started? Tell me in the comments.

I will tell you what i think, there was a man who accidentally found out how stones can produce fire, and he marketed it to everyone he met. And now look at us.

Marketing in our independence movement played a very crucial part. There people marketed a mindset, a concept of independence. At that time there were newspapers, radios, rallies, posters and many other things.

But this is 2020, We are the age of technological advancement. Everything is digital. Especially in this time we can see how much “Online” we are.

Digital marketing is the present and the future. You cannot expect everyone to read the whole newspaper, we have videos. They are more informative. No one listens to radio with ads, when you have no-cost, ad-free apps to listen to music.

Although the platforms have changed basic law of marketing remains same.

CATT marketing funnel

Digital marketing has many advantages. You can see how many clicks you got on your ad, how many people saw it and many more.

This is one of marketing funnel.

Content: Your content is the first thing that a user will visit. It can be a product or a service. If your content will interest them they would like to know more about it, or get it.

Your content should be dependent on what users wants to know, and not what you want to tell them.

Attention: Getting attention from the customer brings them to the next stage of funnel.

Trust: Gaining trust is the most important part of this funnel. Trust is the only thing that will convert your users/subscribers into customers.

Transaction: Transaction is pretty easy when you or your product are able to become the missing part in your user’s life, and they trust you too. Then giving you money will not be a greater task, because they are getting value product for it.

Integrated marketing

Digital marketing is has many parts integrated into it. Day by day platforms to present yourself and to publicize your product are increasing, and so are the opportunities.

Digital marketing is a very huge subject, because it conains

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • and many more factors.

All of this combined, gives you results that are never possible with traditional marketing.

Personal branding

When we talk about building trust with customers, a question pops up. How?

Well, it is easy to build trust with someone who has given attention to your content. Because your content is the missing part of their life.

But can you trust a random name? Say “Tangled chambers” You cannot, right?

A person/ a name is more trustworthy then a random company name. That is why personal branding is very important. People knows that they are dealing with a person and not a logo or a name.

Right now, the digital wave having an effective online presence is very important. To know more check this out.

Communication is the key

This is a fact well known. Everyone knows that marketing and communication skills go hand in hand.

Communication starts way before you speak your first word. Yes, it’s true. Here’s a quick test.

You are going for a meeting with a person you have never seen before. Now there are 2 people present to talk with you and they are A and B.

Tell me with whom would you like to speak. I am assuming it’s A.

They are same people actually. See, your order of observation makes an impact too.

Your body speaks.

Okay, now that you have made a first impression, what when it’s time to speak?

It is better to be interested, then being interesting.

In the previous paragraph I said that marketing is about understanding people. In order to do that you must listen to their need.

When you are on a digital platform you cannot see what type of person is reading your content. You need to decide what type of crowd you want to attract.

In digital marketing, people are not here to judge your English skills. They are here to see your content.

You can sell your product naturally when you join a conversation that is going on inside user’s mind.

If someone is thinking about how to level up their marketing skills, and they see a blog named ” Things about marketing you need to know right now.” Then that blog will have their attention.

Because the title joined a conversation that was going on inside their mind.


Words has power, you can make people feel whatever you want them to feel with your word.

The idea of this blog and my journey of becoming my version 2.0 is planted in my mind by deepak kanakraju. He is really a genius. If you want to know more about it check out my friend Yash’s honest review on our internship programe here.

Marketing is science. We are living in the digital age. Everything is getting online. We are leveling up. So will marketing, but the basics will never change.

Marketing has existed before 100’s of years and will exist for 100’s of years.

What are your thoughts on this please let me know in the comment section.

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