Are you struggling from mental health?

I think many of us, in our day to day life, suffer from various kinds of mental issues. There are people out there who cannot understand the kind of struggle one goes through when they are depressed, have anxiety, or any other kind of mental issues. It is mostly the elders. Don’t want to sound judgmental, but it’s true. But they are the victim here.

Becuase back in their days they were not aware. People did not used to talk about things they felt, just becuase of the fear of people judging them, misunderstanding them or worse, make fun of them.

Situation here is not too drastically changed, but it is changing, slowly and gradgually. That is why it is important to keep talking about it. Maybe, somewhere, someone, who thinks that the dark cloud of time and situation will never fade away or someone who has struggled so many years with constant anxiety that it has now became the norm in their life, might hear that it is not normal, and it can be cured. Maybe they get a chance to a life, they have forgotten.

I know it is hard to make people understand what you are feeling is true and not a false cry for sympathy. And it is difficult to describe what you feel without people thinking that you are reciting a film dialogue. But find friends who can at least try harder to overcome that mentality for you.

Although, that is the second stage, first is to understand that you are going through a mental struggle.

Understanding that you’re going through a mental illness

It is the first step and also the important step to understand that what you are experiencing is an illness. Detecting the illness is the first step of treatment.

Although everyone has their own norms, these are some examples which seems pretty regular but could be start or symptom of a mental illness.

  • Feeling of being watched continuously. (not in a haunted way)
  • Your mind doesn’t know how to be thoughtless (legit without any thoughts)
  • Imagining a painful / unrealistic scenario (It can be once in a while/ too often)
  • Lost your interest suddenly in an activity you used to love
  • Desire to talk to people is almost zero
  • Seeing people you know that are not real
  • Always trying to make yourself perfect
  • Abnormal change in the appetite (eating too much / too less)
  • Trembling of muscles even when you are well nourished with food and water
  • Forgetting things and their places too often
  • Your legs / hands / fingers never stops
  • Talking about stuff too fast / too much
  • Normal things / people/ events can startle you too easily
  • Feeling trapped
  • Sudden increase in the heartbeat
  • sudden increase in temperature of specific body parts

There are many other signs that may be pointing towards the rise of a mental illness.

There are many more mental struggles that people go through everyday, and they never feel the need to talk about it for one or other reason but, it is important to talk.

People are judgemental, but understand this, they don’t live your life and their existance for you is nothing if you don’t give them power to affect you so much.

What can you do, once you know that you are struggling mentally?

Anyone would suggest, including me, to see a professional doctor. But let’s be real.. What are you going to say to your parents? Are they convinced that you are going through a mental illness? What are your friends going to say? Will people understand? After going to a therapist or a psychiatrist, will people see you with a different point of view? Should you keep this a secret?

Too many questions! that too for getting a treatment, to get well.

Is is fair? Are you doing justice to yourself? This is the time when you choose yourself, before anyone and everyone. This is the time to take care and pamper yourself. For people who just thought that this is just asking for sympathy, let me tell you what could happen to you if you don’t do that.

A mental illness is more complicated, and is more severe then any physical illness. When a bone is broken, or a muscle tissue is torn you can bandage it, or plaster it and it will be repaired. But when it comes to mental illness you cannot bandage it physically. When you don’t give it enough attention your mind can be damage it in ways that it can’t be restored.

It can cause permanent damage that you have to struggle with permanently.

So, I would really suggest that you see a doctor and seek help professionally. However, there is something you can do by yourself. But that will be continued in the next blog.

If you want to know more about mental illness and the struggles you can read about it here.

7 thoughts on “Are you struggling from mental health?”

  1. Nice post , such an article really will help you to identify such crisis, which we are ignoring continuously.
    I think no one get or spare time for such things, this post is for normal people or so call normal people.
    Thank you Janki

  2. Earlier I used to suffer from all these everyday. But now I still suffer from all these symptoms sometimes(like for around 11-12 days every month) sometimes it longs for more than a month but tbh I don’t know what to do about these stuff. So if there is something I can do let me know

  3. Dealing with mental health in a healthy way is real important, but many times we unknowingly or somehow make them feel that doing that is wrong. We gotta overcome that.

  4. What we normally define as ” mood” is indicative of your mental condition and everyone should be aware of it. It is important that we pay enough attention on individual and family members mental health. If required, proper treatment which are available should be taken.
    Writer of this Article Janki has brought out something very important and critical issue of recent times. Keep writing such useful articles.J.

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