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November, 2025: 

A glimpse of her life

Janki dixit is one of the most influential name in India. Her first blog was published 5 years ago and the rest is history. She followed her heart with a bit of fear from the unknowns of the future. Her journey of passion began after she spent 4 years learning about biochemistry and biotechnology.

This lady possesses so many talents,

she is a certified bharatnatyam dancer,

a biochemist and a bio-technologist,

an activist,

an entrepreneur,

a motivational speaker,

when your heart is too loud, the world can stay silent.

a blogger, and a lot more.

If she can, you can.

Her sense of business has taken her to unimaginable heights, resulting in many people having the courage to start up their dream with her support. No wonder she has huge following of 5 million subscribers on her business blog. Her customer list spreads all over India. She has a staff of 100 talented and skilled people that has taken these companies to the heights it is on now. People who work with her, always talks about her humble yet powerful personality.

Office entrance.
Work space.

Her companies in their way of functioning, and interior has a sense of sticking to the roots and touching the sky of modern world. for instance her office, you can see her office with 150 diyas every night.

F.L.Y. [First Love Yourself]

Janki not only inspires people by her wealth, but by the richness of life that she lives. The kind of richness that cannot be bought by money.

She runs 5 km every day, followed by 51 suryanamskaras, she swims 3 days per week. As a result of her lifestyle, her lifestyle blogs have influenced thousands of lives giving her has 10 million followers.

She believes that world is like a mirror, therefore you get, what you give. Being fit physically and mentally affects everything and everyone around you.

In the lap of mother nature.

Herb farm.

The farms and farmhouses she owns are a sight! Her home and offices have 90% of the interior made of stones, clay or soil, metals and glass to give some contribution in the reduction of deforestation. She continuously promotes less use of wood in daily life, because environment preservation and restoration is THE BIGGEST concern we need to have.

Her love for animals only grows day by day, resulting in donation of 10% profit to different animal shelters across country. She feels proud and content when she talks about her 6 four legged adopted babies.

Coming back into present, this is my ideal version of my self and my ultimate goal. Thank you for going through with it. This is part of an assignment given by internship program which i am part of. Deepak kanakaraju is a genius, i never knew I could think so clearly about my “after 5 year plan”. A big thank you to him.

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