Mother earth.

I strongly believe in “sticking to the roots”. We all came from the soil and one day we will mix in it. It is important to know about how it affects us.

We all know soil is essential for farming. Without farming I cannot see any possibility of healthy and sustainable life.

Soil has given so much importance by our ancestors, but just like many other things we have forgotten it or made a joke about it. We build on soil, with soil and in soil. I could not think of any other sentence to show it’s importance.

In ancient vedas soil is recognized as the basis of survival, its written that “Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Care for it and it will grow our food, our fuel, our shelter and surround us with beauty; abuse it and the soil will collapse and die taking humanity with it.”

Let’s see what soil does for us,

It holds water.

Acts as buffer against pollutants resulting in good ground water quality. (which we are determine to dry out completely)

Provides medicines.

It is full of nutrition as it is capable of storing large amount of organic carbon.

Contains fossil fuels.

Helps regulate earths temperature as well as many greenhouse gases.

Our whole civilization depends on soil.

soil holds key to earth’s history.

Mother earth from the beginning.

In tamil it is called Thai mannu (Mother earth).

In Chinese it is called “Tu” (which fosters life).

When we say mother, it gives a sense of peace, love and respect. As we grow and move forward, we neglect and underestimate everything that comes in our way. We assume that everything except us is stupid, although earth is very intelligent. Ever heard that someone planted a seed of apple and it became a mango tree? never, right? She never makes mistakes.

Many people take mud bath to cure different types of diseases. people can cure arthritis by having a mud bath from a specific type of mud. In ancient times, when people used to bury one with illness till neck in some soil and the whole inner mechanism used to heal itself in some days of time. Ayurveda , written by Vedvyasa, has mentioned mud bath as a very effective way to cure skin diseases. It can even remove toxins from the body.

Yogis and mystics used to go and live in caves even after having facility of home, because caves are like being completely surrounded by our mother. It made them feel directly connected to her.

We refer to this mother earth as “dirt”. We cringe if we touch her. When a child plays with her, we call him/her dirty, and we wash it off immediately. I am not saying keep it that way, but it is not dirt. It is not useless.

There are many more traditional and ancient ways that motivates us to keep our connection to the soil.

Let’s not forget our roots.

Think about it, let me know your thoughts in comment section. if this made you think for half a minute, my time spent on this is worth it.

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