Stereotypes for men.

Stereotypes are there for everyone ! but they are worst for men. Because no one talks about it. And if they say anything, either it’s taken as a joke, or slapped with “be a man”.

But I want to start a talk about it. I hope I start that at least in your mind.

How many of you have a man in your life? A father, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband, uncle, teacher, co-worker. The reason for writing these already known thing is, Man are also a lot of things! Actually every thing that a woman is.

First things first ! I am sorry. I really am.
Because people are awful.

Saying goes that a child, a woman, literally anyone else should be loved unconditionally, But a man is only loved on the condition that he provides something.

What I will be talking about:

  • The obvious, professional life
  • Personal life
  • Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Appearance
  • Expressing emotions

Professional life

It’s a must have. You cannot live if you don’t have a professional life.
You will not die by lack of food or water, that your parents and home will provide you. But you may die by the mental stress they serve you with it.

You cannot simply sit at home and manage home! Even if you are good at it. or that is what you really want to do! Because, according to stereotype, you are supposed to earn.

Personal life

If you have one ! Because if you get free time from completing everyone’s demand and wishes. Which includes your parents, spouse, children, boss and collogues and many more.

You get a time alone. “Me time” Which is rare!

Because after so many tasks in a day all anyone can actually do is sleep.

But if you get your “Me time”, stereotype says you should do something about your home. Fix anything that is broken. Listen to the demands of your wife, children and parents and complete them.


When it comes to your habits it must be “manly”.

You cannot have a habit of putting facemask in night and take care of your skin. Or can’t have more then one type of cream, because that is not for men.

You cannot have a habit of cleaning the house, even if you like it.

I am talking about 80% of population. On various social media accounts you see gender equality and celebrities breaking stereotypes.

But there are less then 20% people who can actually see past the huge walls of stereotypical mentality and appreciate things men do.


If you play

  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Tennis

Basically any sport you are a man. BUT,

if you,

  • Like to wear make-up.
  • Like to do embroidery.
  • Can cook.
  • Want to make jewelry.
  • sometime, if you like pink color.

Ask yourself! Would you judge a man who has any of these hobbies?


What was your first thought when you saw this!

That’s my point.

Men are supposed to appear with short black hair, a t-shirt and a long formal trousers.

Palazzos and make-up is not for them. Bright colors are not for them.

Even floral prints and many other prints are not for them.

Proving what I am saying, right?

Dealing with your emotions.

Well, we all know how that goes.

You cannot cry, you cannot scream, you cannot get too angry, you cannot hit someone else, you have to let go of everything.

And this part gets worse day by day.

Dads don’t cry in front of their own kids or wife. Because that is how a man is supposed to be.

And even a wife expects from husband that he should not do things that is not “manly”.

You cannot talk about being depressed among your family member.

You cannot talk about your broken heart with your friends and cry about it. Family doesn’t even come near this area.

Yes, that’s how most of this world works.


We are all emotional beings. We all need love, care and support. Gender is irrelevant to being emotional.

Let’s break this stereotypes. Starting from our own home and spreading awareness about how men go through mental trauma. Because of these pathetic expectation.

Because stereotype doesn’t allow them to accept and flaunt the beautiful beings they are.

If this article made you re-think your thinking pattern share it with everyone else. And tell me your thoughts in comment section.

10 thoughts on “Stereotypes for men.”

  1. Very well written👍…
    But i think if there could a comparison on how the life changes or in how people see the world without the stereotypes and with the stereotypes changes them ….
    How they changed their vision to see the world (equality) and what the vision of the people who still believe in those stereotypes sees the world….
    Its 2020, i agree that many of them still live with those stereotypes but what about people who don’t??

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