What happens when we are at peace?

There are some questions that we don’t ask out loud, for me, this is the one. well, it was till now..

I think I found a satisfactory answer!

When i ask what are we doing here, I usually analyse my present situation. Like i am eating right now, while my mom sleeps and my dog asks for a bite. The smaller picture! Then the time passes… Well, in my mind of course! What will happen when this will change? It will change, right?

Today will change into tomorrow, 1 o’clock will change into 2. Future is bound to change into present. And then the day comes ! THE DAY! Which no one shares about. People share their experience about what they did after they graduated, or after they quit their first job, or after they got married and so many countless experiences. No one shares about what they did after they left this world.

OKAY!! I know this sounds weird.. you’re probably thinking of pressing that home button but, just hear me out okay! I promise you, you won’t leave disappointed.

What i tell myself is..

you know what, one day we are all going to die.. Every person that has been in my life or will be in my life will die. And what will happen after that? Elders says so much about how they saved up so much, built a family, a home! But eventually they will die too. And nothing of this will stay with them.

What i think is when I die there will be a place, filled with people that i truly loved, with people and souls that never left my side throughout my life. A place where everyone’s at peace. There are no responsibilities to fulfill, no goals to achieve, no competition to be a part of unintentionally. A place where all of us shares stories about their life, the adventures, the failures, the success, the happiness, the rough patch, everything, and anything. And we simply share and listen and relive those moments that made this moment possible.

That is the thing we earned, that truly stays with us! Those moments, when we wished we could stop time, those moments where we felt real happiness. The moments that came before your eyes while reading this line. Those are the moments we earn.

And when the stories end.. We just take another round at life.. trying to collect more of the stories, but unfortunately we get into this vicious cycle of every other worthless things.

The whole article, This is me.. just writing what goes in my mind. The answers that I give to myself just to calm this mind down. The answer that does not have any “scientific evidence” but I don’t cares, its making me feel safe and calm and so that will be my reality.

Let me know what your reality is in the comment section!

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